2016-17 Partnerships

From the Chairman...

Tourism is the region’s most innovative and exciting industry. Today there is more going on in the Mornington Peninsula Tourism region than ever before and the need to keep up to date, know what the new trends are and ensure that you are leveraging and partnering with the regions tourism businesses has never been more important. This partnership prospectus is designed to introduce new members to our services and activities and reacquaint our existing members with the projects and activities that we have on offer for the 2016/2017 financial year. At our recent partnership updates we hosted over 160 business partners in four sessions to verbally present this prospectus.

The key messages we received were that they were delighted to have a simpler partnership model and that they were keen to get to get on with it….so here goes.



In 2016-17, MPRT is offering three partnership levels...


This level of partnership is designed to provide base marketing participation for our core platforms, access to the industry development offerings and participation at the industry networking functions. It suits businesses that want to partner and be part of the team but are not interested in active marketing campaign participation.NB: THE 2016-17 TOURING & TRAILS MAP AND  VISITORS GUIDE HAVE NOW BEEN PUBLISHED AND ARE THEREFORE NOT INCLUDED IN PARTNERSHIP BENEFITS FROM THIS POINT FORWARD.


This level of partnership includes all of the base Industry Partner opportunities, but builds on the marketing activity. It is designed for those partners that want to ramp up their activities with the regional destination marketing team.


The Industry and Campaign Partnership levels are designed to provide our “leisure” tourism businesses with an opportunity to be part of the regional story and to actively position their business in the marketing programs delivered by the team. There are however businesses that want to affiliate with the tourism industry either because they see that the tourism businesses are potential customers or because they align to the industry with their own services.


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