2017-18 MPRT Partnerships

From the Chairman...

Tourism is our region’s most innovative and exciting industry. Today there are more reasons than ever to keep up to date with industry trends and leverage tourism opportunities.

Our vision for the Mornington Peninsula is “to be recognised as Victoria’s premier escape destination, renowned for its nature, lifestyle and gourmet food and wine experiences.”
The overarching objectives that the Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism Board focus on to achieve our vision are to:
--Grow shoulder and low season visitation to increase dispersal and yield,
--Be a source of research, knowledge and guidance,
--Grow the capacity and capability of our industry partners,
--Connect more businesses with more consumers, and
--Be an active and persuasive voice for the long term sustainability of our industry.

We invite your business to join us on this journey.
Tracey Cooper, Chairman Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism


In 2017-18, MPRT is offering two partnership levels...


This level of partnership is designed to provide base marketing participation for our core platforms, access to the industry development offerings and participation at the industry networking functions. It suits businesses that want to partner and be part of the team but are not interested in active marketing campaign participation.


This level of partnership includes all of the base Industry Partner opportunities, but builds on the marketing activity. It is designed for those partners that want to ramp up their activities with the regional destination marketing team.

Note all applicants are required to comply with the MPRT Code of Conduct, and MPRT Terms and Conditions, as well as the MPRT Regional booking Service terms and Conditions (if applicable). Click on the button below to find out more.




To discuss joining as a partner with Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism, please contact one of our Tourism Team:

Angela Cleland Ph: 0431 407 333
Kellie Barrett Ph: 5950 1571
Katherine Cooper Ph: 5950 1575
Ebony Flett Ph: 5950 1573
Anne-Marie Haluszka Ph: 5950 1577
Lisa Caddy Ph: 5950 1572