2017-18 MPRT Partnerships

From the Chairman...

The Mornington Peninsula has experienced exceptional year on year growth in tourism visitation up by 22%, to reach a staggering total of 7 million visitors. This outstanding growth has been a result of an estimated $800 million industry investment in new developments and improvements, along with effective regional collaborative marketing campaigns that have produced a 20% increase in unique user traffic to the regional tourism website.

The Regional Tourism Board will continue to focus on:

• Growing shoulder and low season visitation to increase dispersal and yield

• Being the key source of research, knowledge and guidance

• Growing the capacity and capability of our industry partners

• Connecting more businesses with more consumers and

• Being an active and persuasive voice for the long-term sustainability of our industry

In addition we are excited to announce many new marketing campaigns and changes that we believe will enhance your partnership experience. These include simplifying the website integration experience by utilising the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse as our back-end platform, new micro campaigns to disperse people whilst in region, further simplification of the Business Events Mornington Peninsula partnership structure and officially launch the I AM marketing campaign to consumers. These initiatives are aimed at capturing the imagination of our visitors and driving key benefits back to our partners by increasing the exposure of each business in the most impactful and cost-effective way.

This prospectus is our invitation to you to partner with us in making the Mornington Peninsula the premier tourism destination, because we know that we are better in this together.

Tracey Cooper, Chairman Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism


Each partnership includes one website listing, however partners with multiple aspects to their business may benefit from having a second website listing. These are available for $210 per additional listing.  Simply choose this option in the shopping cart.

Not sure which level is right for you or whether to participate in an additional campaign? 

Find out more by getting in touch with one of the team and we can help talk you through the options.  

Angela Cleland - Director Operations & Industry Relations                            
Ph: 0431 407 333 or angela.cleland@mprtb.com

Crystal Mead - Administration                                                                           
Ph: 5950 1054 or administration@mprtb.com

Mornington Peninsula Visitor Information Centre Tourism Team                    
Ph: 5950 1579 or info@tourism.mornpen.vic.gov.au