2019-2020 MPRT Partnerships

From the Chairman...

The MPRT Board undertook a renovation of sorts this year itself, with a rebrand to a more contemporary look and feel. Additionally, the tourism team tackled the backend of the MPRT website, and this saw the implementation of business listings via the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. This had a 3-fold affect in terms of exposure for partnering businesses, effciency for updates and transparency of performance for individual listings. Website pageviews grew by 7% and our social channels performed outstandingly with a 21% increase in followers. 

The strategic move to introduce FOUND magazine, with a new distribution strategy and the move away from an Official Visitors Guide saw an additional 550,000 read the magazine over and above what had previously been reached. Targeting the visiting friends and relatives market with FOUND was further solidified by the release of the recent visitor journey report; with 60% of our visitors in the peak period falling within this significant segment.

In 2019/2020, MPRT will continue with the seasonal marketing campaigns and leverage the work of Visit Victoria. Touring maps and FOUND will continue to be centre stage of our only printed materials supported heavily by an increasing digital campaign. We will build on the success or touring trails and the I AM campaign and extend this to WE ARE which will allow for greater collaboration.

The MPRT Board will continue to strive to gain insight into the region’s visitation profile, educating the industry on trends and offering development opportunities to develop operator skills base. There will be a new level of partnership at the base level for small accommodators and our marketing activities will continue to focus on visitation in the low and shoulder seasons whilst the concerted efforts for peak will remain all about dispersal.

The enclosed prospectus is our invitation to you to partner with us in making the Mornington Peninsula the premier tourism destination and we look forward to working with you and growing our region together.

Tracey Cooper, Chairman Mornington Peninsula Regional Tourism


Digital Accommodation Package (Applies to 6 Bedrooms or Less Accommodation) $395
The digital accommodation package is designed to offer small accommodators a number of key benefits across our core digital platforms, which will support you in maximising the exposure of your offering to visitors of the Mornington Peninsula. This level of partnership includes the annual fee for the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse and is restricted to businesses with less than 6 bedrooms.

Industry Partnership $630
Industry Partnership is our entry level program and is designed to o…er smaller businesses a number of key benefits across our core platforms (web and print), which will support you in maximising the exposure of your business to the visitors of the Mornington Peninsula. This level of partnership includes the annual fee for the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse at a discounted price.

Campaign Partnership $1,090
Campaign Partnerships are aimed at operators looking to maximise the exposure of their business and who want to participate in the seasonal marketing campaigns exclusive only to this level of partnership. Additionally, partners at this level have the opportunity to participate in additional niche marketing and micro product and dispersal campaigns. This level of partnership also includes the annual fee for the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse at a significantly discounted price.

Each partnership includes one website listing, however partners with multiple aspects to their business may benefit  from having a second website listing. These are available for $250 per additional listing.  Simply choose this option in the shopping cart.



Not sure which level is right for you or whether to participate in an additional campaign? 

Find out more by getting in touch with one of the team and we can help talk you through the options.  

Please call our team on 03 5950 1054 or email administration@mprtb.com