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Award Winning Whisky Newcomer - Chief's Son Distillery

Award Winning Whisky Newcomer - Chief's Son Distillery

Mornington Peninsula’s whisky newcomer, Chief’s Son Distillery, is making an impressive entry onto the world whisky stage with its sixth international award within 11 months of their launch.

Monday, 16 March 2020/Categories: News

Barrel number 01 of their ‘900 Standard’ Single Malt Whisky at 49.50% was awarded Best Australian Single Cask – Single Malt Whisky in the first round of the 2020 World Whiskies Awards in London in February. In the same awards, they also took home a Silver for their ‘900 Standard’ Single Malt Whisky at 45.00% per cent in the Australian Single Malt Whisky NAS category.

Owners and Distillers Stuart and Naomi McIntosh said it was ``an incredible honour to take out such a prestigious award, especially with the very first barrel we ever filled, launching our whisky to the world.’’

Chief’s Son Distillery is a confident splash of new world methods and unapologetic vision, infused with distinctive Australian character and quality. The distillery name connects the meaning of McIntosh or ``Mhic an Tòisich’’ in Scottish Gaelic, which literally means ``Son of the Chief’’.  

The McIntosh signature ‘900’ stamp on their core range signifies the nine centuries between the formal establishment of the McIntosh family name and that of the establishment of the distillery.  "During these 900 years, each generation has passed knowledge, experience, love and passion to successive generations," owner Stuart McIntosh shares.

In late 2019, Chief’s Son Distillery won four international awards held in Hong Kong, including a prestigious Masters Award for their ‘900 Standard’ Single Malt Whisky at 60.00% in the Luxury Masters Awards.

Stay tuned for the much-anticipated outcome of World’s Best Single Cask – Single Malt Whisky to be awarded on 26th March 2020.