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An Apple a Day

An Apple a Day

When St Andrews Beach Brewery opened four years ago, co-founder Andrew Purchase had a clear vision to add apple cider into the mix of products on offer.

Friday, 23 July 2021/Categories: News, News

Fast forward to 2021 after many years cultivating and nurturing the largest apple orchard owned and operated by an Australian brewery – they now bring us Home Track Cider.

Andrew shared with us, “A whole lot of love and care has gone into growing and developing the orchard over the past four years and St Andrews Beach Brewery are now excited to share with you the fruits of its labour.”

Home Track is a crisp and refreshing Apple Cider blended with ten English heritage apple varieties, including Bulmers, Golden Harvey and Yarlington Mill. Home Track Apple Cider is now pouring exclusively at St Andrews Beach Brewery, with cans to be release after future yields.

St Andrews Beach Brewery is one of the new generation of brewers on the Mornington Peninsula part of the iconic Beer Cider Spirits Trail.

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